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Welcome to our website. After many successful years of showing club lambs we decided to start raising our own. We have put together a solid set of approximately 100 ewes. To establish this flock we went to Tommy Prior and bought his 2012 crop of ewe lambs. We then went to Savage Club Lambs and bought a number of mature bred ewes from Cele Chote Stone as well as a number of mature ewes from Tyson Rule and Mike Hancock.

We added 44 mature ewes from "5P Club Lambs" and 43 mature ewes from "Miller Hampshire" to our already great ewe base for 2016. In our buck department, besides using "Whiskey Trip" and "Fear Dog", we have added "Miller 0465", Miller 0472 "Cat Daddy" and "306 Miller Gold" for the 2016 lamb crop.

Come by and check us out! Visitors are always welcome!

With a set of 175 mature ewes, we hope with your help we can make our mark on the industry!  We will have a selected few lambs born in January, but the majority of our flock will be due to lamb in February, March and April.  Hopefully with lambs born in these months we can fulfill all of your needs from your next ram prospect to your next great show project!